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OSIPI Task Force is an international initiative that aims to collect and harmonise DCE/DSC code snippets from developers. 

Task force 2.3 will develop a library of open-source functions, scripts and pipelines for DCE/DSC perfusion imaging analysis. This is aimed at developers of DCE/DSC perfusion methods looking for specific functionality or development templates, or who want to share their own in-house developments with others. Contributions will be sourced from the community, and may include individual functions and more complete pipelines in various programming languages. Task force 2.3 will organise these in a coherent and well-documented library structure as defined by task force 2.1, then identify and develop any missing functionality.

The OSIPI Task Force project started in early 2020, and is led by the University of Edinburgh SVD Research member Dr Michael Thrippleton in collaboration with Dr Petra van Houdt (Netherlands Cancer Institute). Dr Thrippleton's research is focused on developing advanced neuroimaging in cerebral small vessel disease and other conditions, including DCE-MRI and cerebrovascular reactivity measurement.


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