Miracle holds an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) degree in Neuroscience and Psychology, both obtained from the University of Toronto. At the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Miracle works as a Neuroimaging Analyst. His primary research interests focus on biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases and the evaluation of risk factors like traumatic brain injury (TBI), ageing, and small vessel diseases. Miracle is also interested in investigating the associations between social cognition deficits and small vessel disease in neurodegeneration.

Key publications

Taghdiri, F., Multani, N., Ozzoude, M., Tarazi, A., Khodadadi, M., Wennberg, R., ... & Blennow, K. (2020). Neurofilament‐Light in Former Athletes: A Potential Biomarker of Neurodegeneration and Progression. European Journal of Neurology. PMID: 32281206

Kim, J., Ozzoude, M., Nakajima, S., Shah, P., Caravaggio, F., Iwata, Y., ... & Gerretsen, P. (2020). Insight and medication adherence in schizophrenia: An analysis of the CATIE trial. Neuropharmacology, 168, 107634. PMID: 31077729

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre