Phoebe is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (CABI) at UCL. The overall aim of her project is to characterise perivascular function and blood brain barrier permeability to water in small vessel disease. Using non-invasive MRI techniques, she will investigate SVD mechanisms and investigate their potential as early biomarkers. These translational techniques could then be applied to study the human condition which may lead to a breakthrough strategy to significantly reduce the prevalence of stroke. Phoebe graduated in 2016 with BSc in Biomedical Science from Cardiff University and a year later she obtained her MSc in Advanced Biomedical Imaging from University College London.

Key publications

P. G. Evans, M. Sokolska, A. Alves, I. F. Harrison, Y. Ohene, P. Nahavandi, O. Ismail, E. Miranda, M. F. Lythgoe, D. L. Thomas & J. A. Wells. Non-Invasive MRI of Blood–Cerebrdsospinal Fluid Barrier Function PMID: 32350278

I. F Harrison, B. Siow, A. B Akilo, P. G Evans, O. Ismail, Y. Ohene, P. Nahavandi, D. L Thomas, M. F Lythgoe, J. A Wells. Non-invasive imaging of CSF-mediated brain clearance pathways via assessment of perivascular fluid movement with diffusion tensor MRI. PMID: 30063207



University College London