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Dr Macintosh completed his PhD in fMRI techniques at Sunnybrook, and furthered his research in this field following his PhD by developing expertise in arterial spin labeling (ASL) for angiography and perfusion MRI at the Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB). As a research scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute for the past 7 years, his work has focussed on searching for better prognostic measures, biomarkers and indices of brain health or recovery after stroke.

“My areas of investigation are broad because vascular dysfunction is quintessential in stroke, neurodegeneration, vascular risk factors, Alzheimer’s disease and bipolar disorder. Small vessel disease (SVD) is however a core focus, chiefly because SVD in its various forms is the manifestation of a cerebrovascular dysfunction (‘plumbing problems’). The connection between the large and small blood vessels in SVD is very intriguing -- “the brain is harmed by the pulse” -- which is why I am pursuing MRI techniques to image brain pulsatility. Physiological imaging can capture the dynamic and vascular properties of the brain, providing perspective and insight that may not be accessible from static structural images.”

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