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Professor Smith studies glial pathology and demyelination in various neurological disorders in which inflammation is a key factor. The group focuses particularly on the role of hypoxia, the vasculature and nitric oxide, using a range of models to investigate mechanisms by which inflammation affects the structure and function of the nervous system. One of the mechanisms unravelled by the group has led to development of a therapeutic strategy that is currently being tested in clinical trials for MS.

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Key publications:

Desai et al. 2016 Cause and prevention of demyelination in a model multiple sclerosis lesion Ann Neurol 79(4):591-604 PMID:26814844 

Turlejski et al. 2016 Immunohistochemical evidence of tissue hypoxia and astrogliosis in the rostral ventrolateralmedulla of spontaneously hypertensive rats. Brain Res 1650:178-183  PMID: 27616338    


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