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The Nedergaard group is interested in the function of glial cells in the CNS, and the involvement of astrocytes in several neurological diseases.

The Nedergaard group have established techniques to allow macroscopic fluorescent optical imaging of perivascular glymphatic transport that will be utilised in order to determine whether SVD results from pathological suppression of perivascular glymphatic fluid transport. 

The Nedergaard group at the University of Copenhagen

Key publications:

Wang et al. 2017 Focal Solute Trapping and Global Glymphatic Pathway Impairment in a Murine Model of Multiple Microinfarcts. J Neurosci 37(11):2870-2877 PMID: 28188218   

Iliff et al. 2012  Brain-wide pathway for waste clearance captured by contrast-enhanced MRI. J Clin. Invest. 123(3):1299-309  PMID:23434588

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